Choosing the Perfect Retirement Community

You’ve earned it. You worked hard all your life and stayed smart about your finances. Treat yourself to that perfect retirement community that speaks to you and your favorite aspects of life.

Theme and location

You might not be beating John Daly on the course anytime soon, but you do love a beautiful, relaxing day on the Golf course. Nothing relaxes you like the perfectly manicured lawns, long drives off the tee, and lively clubhouse after a long day. A retirement community on a Golf course might be the perfect place to enjoy your free days.  Insurance can help with the coverage of some of these costs

Maybe you’re a beach kind of person, or love a beautiful countryside, or never want to leave the liveliness of the city. Whatever your interests are, retirement communities can be found almost anywhere these days. Find one where you can see yourself living the rest of your life and enjoying every second of it.


Retirement should be an all inclusive kind of lifestyle, and you should find a community that offers that to you as well. Make sure the food is great and available often. Perhaps you enjoy some quality time at the pool or sunbathing. You might want a nice park to stroll in or take you dog for long walks with you. Or want to stay active with a quality gym on site. Most importantly, their healthcare should be top notch. See if your 2020 Medicare supplement plans cover any portion of the retirement community or its services. Homecare is usually an easy one for them to offer. Each community offers something different, so pick the one that checks off the most boxes for you.

Proximity to family

There’s a chance you’ve been itching to get away and do your own thing for quite some time now, and you might be thinking about that perfect house on the beach in Florida. It may be a good idea, however, to stick close to your loved ones so they can visit you easily. If you ever need assistance with anything like grocery shopping or watching your dog for a bit, having your family nearby makes everything that much more convenient for you.  If you still want that beach house you may consider purchasing a timeshare. That way you can still take advantage of some quality beach time while remaining close to your family the rest of the year. You might even consider taking them with you for a nice vacation!