Magnificent Custom Blinds and Window Treatments to Decorate Your Home

Magnificent Custom Blinds and Window Treatments to Decorate Your Home

We all love to decorate our homes with the best quality furnishings and the best looking decorative items. Whether be it the furniture or the carpet or the showpieces or even the curtains. Curtains are mostly made from cloth, but there is also a variant of the curtain which is called drapery. Draperies are made from a variety of materials. But the most basic ones are the cloth and the textiles. There are many people who choose blinds instead of curtains. Whatever be the window treatment, people want it to be of the finest quality. And there is a wide assortment of Custom Blinds and Window Treatments available in the market.

What are Window Treatments?

Window treatmentis basically interior decoration related to decorating in, on, over, or around a window. Most of the time the primary motive of a professional who expertly deals with the window treatment is to insert the decorative items which will help in enhancing the aesthetics and the look of the room in general and the window in particular. There are various kinds of window treatments available and you can choose the one which you most desire. Basically, there are two types of window treatments but there are many sub-categories in them. They are – hard treatment and soft treatment.

There are basically two types of soft treatments available in the market. They are curtains and draperies. These soft treatments are made from soft materials.

Magnificent Custom Blinds

The two categories of hard treatment:

Hard treatment includes two subcategories in them –

  • Window Blinds – They have a set of slats that are parallel in a door or in this case a window. They are also called louvers commonly and they are very effective in keeping the rain out and admitting the fresh air inside. By installing these, we can even have a view of the outside scenery without the need to lift the shade. This also allows us to light the room where the window is situated which creates a personalized feel.
  • Window Shutters – They are generally fixed into the frame of the window and the slats are horizontal in form. The material used to make them can be either poly resin, that too of two types like tilt and stationery, or wood. These shutters don’t move up or down as the window blinds do, but for some applications, they can be folded across the window.

There are many kinds of window blinds and many features accompanying them. Some of them are like the blocking of dust, fabric tapes for window blinds, etc. The main examples of these types of window treatments are aluminium blinds, wood blinds, and faux wood blinds which are also sometimes called Plaswood.