“Parenting is what ultimately leads to a sensible and rational human being at the end or not. It can always go both ways, either the right way or the wrong way and the result is either a good human being or not”

This stresses out individuals and they end up suffocating relationships in the name of parenting. Good parenting always has some liberty and a thought where the parents are also human beings and are free to make decisions and mistakes and learn from those eventually, and not only solely living for the child. “A human being first and a parent later “.Neither overparenting, nor too little-parenting is considered to be a suggestion to anyone. May it be excessive monitoring or removal of necessary obstacles, both effects the wrong ways. Every individual is different and needs parenting accordingly.


Emphasis On Good “Human Being”

Also, good parenting and Bad parenting is not about how much skill one could mug his or her child up but it’s about strengthening the humanitarian factor within the kid. The first and foremost thing a child needs from his or her parents is the mental and inner support at every stage of his or her life and lack of this could result bad in maximum of the cases as parents exert enormous influence over their children’s lives. And mental support needs communication, when children watch their parents communicate, they learn to communicate too and they learn to be good listeners too. Before being bookish, one must focus on introducing good behaviour, respect, love, and positive ideas of life to their kids. These are social skills that one must de3velop within their kid, other than that, every other factor must be looked upon but with a maintained space.

Good parenting:

It is basically raising the kids towards a healthy and beautiful life ahead and showing them right ways and not choosing the path and indulging them into a life they never wanted to be in. After a point of time, when they get to know the values and essence of life, it’s their choice ahead, and having the back is the responsibility of the parents. Good parenting needs limits, flow of emotions is not the only factor. Not only making them understand but understanding the other side too so that in the coming times these qualities reflect in your child.